Special offers

Although the prices for this two-star hotel are of good value, we have special offers for guests who book for a week or more. An arrangement for 7 nights, including 4-course dinner and breakfast is offered from € 335 per person (based on a double room)

High Season:
During high season (from June 14 to september 2) this arrangement will cost € 435 p.p,

Spring or Autumn:
Even outside the high season a stay in Hotel-Restaurant La Truffière is very pleasant. Not only is it possible to visit the local attractions in peace and quiet but this is also the ideal time for walkers to explore the area. For that purpose, we have made a small booklet with walking trails. The weather in these periods is generally pleasant (somewhere between 15° and 20° Celsius in the shade) It allows you regularly to have lunch outside in the afternoon on the terrace or, later in the day, have an aperitif. It is not too much to say that the Spring and Autumn add an extra dimension to the informal, warm atmosphere of our hotel.
In Conclusion:
Spring or Autumn are the ideal times for a short holiday for anyone who wants to pamper themselves in peaceful surroundings, unique nature, culture, good food but also some sun.

In the spring (between February 14 to April 25), you pay € 335,- p.p for this arrangement. In the period from April 26 to June 13, you pay € 365,- p.p.

In the autumn (September 3 to September 28) you pay € 365,- p.p. for this arrangement. In the period from. from September 28 to November 1, this is € 335,- p.p.

Tourist tax: € 0,99 per person per day.