La Truffière provides a lot of options. Whether it is “jeu de boules”, a tennis court, the large swimming pool, relaxing in the sunshine, enjoying a delicious lunch, quietly or reading a book ... It is all possible. But, the surroundings of Hotel-Restaurant La Truffière are worth investigating. At the reception you will find a large quantity of leaflets about many tourist attractions. We can also provide information on markets and other events that take place in the region. But let's start close to the hotel.

Immediate Surroundings:
Around the hotel you will find many little roads that you can take, in order to make an exciting walk. The distances of these walks can vary. Enjoy the rural tranquility, the beautiful French countryside where the walnut trees play an important part in this area. The hotel has a booklet available with special routes that lead you along all kinds of beautiful locations.

Although a small town (12 kilometers from the hotel), it has plenty of possibilities. In the main street you will find a tourist office where you can get all possible information about the area. A quaint market is held on Friday. On one side of the main street there is a square where you will find stalls selling textiles, bags and so on. On the other side, vegetables, fruit, cheese and the like are sold. It is also worthwhile paying a visit to the cathedral in Souillac, while on a (unexpected) rainy afternoon it is a good place to whileaway some hours in the Musée de l'Automatique (National Museum of Automata and Robotics).

A medieval village (16 kms from the hotel) that was once a powerful bastion. The castle, high above the village offered an excellent view over the surrounding area. The power that this village had, you will find back in the buildings in the village centre. The beautiful church in Turenne, you should definitely not miss.

This ancient town (25 kms from the hotel) that is situated against the cliffs like a “swallow’s nest” has seven churches. You may not enter the lower part of town by car. Instead, you can take the elevator down from the top of the cliff or go by stairs to the lower part of the town. For the brave of you who choose the stairs: pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela climbed these stairs to the “Cité Religieuse” on their knees. After completion of that task all their sins were forgiven. From the cliffs hundreds of birds of prey can be admired soaring high above the valley. Do not forget to visit the Gouffre de Padirac, where a boat trip can be taken on a subterranean river.

This town (32 km from the hotel) was once the capital of the Perigord. The beautiful medieval town has its origin in the time of the Romans, but later turned into a rich trading city thanks to the establishment of an abbey. It is home to many historic buildings and on Saturdays and Wednesdays there is a lively market that sells many products from the region.